Tobacco & Honey


"Tobacco & Honey" is a animated film about love and the forms it can take. It is addressed to all those people who, believing in their impunity, allow themselves to disregard the people around them, to those who hurt the weak, to those who are sure that justice will not catch up with them.

With this animated film, the author wanted to convey the idea that every action has consequences. And they may not always be within your power. You should never harm anyone, whether intentionally or not.


Story, 3d animation, Sound design:
Maksim Pettai

Special thanks to:

Hleb Kuftseryn & Creative Space
Ilja Solovjov & Mostband
Oleg Voronin & The Reven Inn

A story built on small steps

The project started with the creation of a bee in the form of an elongated striped ball with wings: it was the author's first animated model. Later it turned into a flying machine, a car appeared next to it, trees grew around it, the bees became more beautiful and the training project grew into something more.
A script came up, a map of the world drawn on paper

The character of the heroes through sound

Animation has many techniques to convey the nature of the characters. In the cartoon Tobacco and Honey, the author decided to strengthen the transfer of character music.
The main characters are bees, positive and cheerful creatures, to whom the author picked up music in reggae style from the band Mostband
The protagonist in the story is a bully and to him the author picked up the composition of the band The Reven Inn performed in the style of heavy metal.

The author sincerely hopes that everyone will find something for themselves in this cartoon, because it is completely created by one person.