Who hasn’t wondered what life would be like in the future? Will robots and artificial intelligence take over the world and will people disappear? Or will people remain, but are they going to stay the same as now? Even now there are promises that all routine and repetitive work will be done by machines.

So that leaves a single question - what will remain for humans?

While pondering over those questions, an idea was born - that people will remain but only for their humane attributes and that is the only thing that will remain important in the world of technology- the aspects that make humans humans. Thus we decided to express our thoughts and feelings in a short animated film. We joined the ShootShorts’23 with those ideas in our minds for a project. The program teaches you how to make a film and allows you to make it with a very tight schedule.


Story & Direction:
Maarika Rosenstein

Concept art & Traditional animation:
Renelle Karnaskind

3D design & animation, Sound design & Montaaž:
Maksim Pettai

Samuel Pettai

Special thanks to:

Hleb Kuftseryn & Creative Space

How to draw the wind?

The magic of animation allows you to create anything, starting from bringing mammoths back to life, all the way to making cars fly, the only limit is the creators imagination. Animation is limitless. But in our story, we’re faced with the challenge of conveying abstract concepts. How do you portray humans, humanity, technology and how technology is taking over the world?

Keeping the contrast

After the first sketches, it was clear that technology should be portrayed with straight lines and as geometric as possible, while humanity should stay soft with round edges. The basic concept of this contrast is portrayed throughout the film, in both characters, scenes…
and in music. In scenes of the city overtaken by technology, you can hear chopped-up technological “sharp” music playing, whilst in the inner world of man you can hear soft melodic music and heartbeats.

The result is a story about a young man who tries to escape from technology and realises that only human attributes will help him survive in the digital world. We are happy that the idea of technohumanity resonated with the jury and the film was awarded 3rd place among all films of ShootShorts'23 project.

Where to see it?

The film premiered at a private screening of Creative Space studio, then it was shown at the KINOFF festival. Now the film is participating in other festivals and there is no public screening yet. Watch out for advertising.